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If your own a drone here are some basic rules and regulations to follow... (More detailed info can be found on the SACAA website)

Unless approved by the SACAA, DO NOT fly/operate any Remotely Piloted Aircraft (Drones)

• Near manned aircraft
• 10 km or closer to an aerodrome (airport, helipad, airfield) - Remember all hospitals have helipads.
• Weighing more than 7 kg
• In controlled, restricted or prohibited airspace, which includes:
- Near crime scenes, courts of law or prisons
- Near Power Stations
- Near National Key Points
- In any National Park, such as Table Mountain National Park, Kruger National Park and all other National Parks
• Keep your drone at least 50 meters away from:
- Any person or group of persons (like sport fields, road races, stadiums, schools, social events and beaches)
- All public roads
- Any property, without permission from property owner. 
• Finally, they may not be used for transportation or delivery of items.

Furthermore, you should:
• Always fly/operate the drone in a safe manner
• Have your drone remain within the visual line of sight
• Fly/operate the drone in daylight and clear weather conditions

• Inspect your aircraft before each flight.

If you are interested in understanding what is required to become a legal professional drone operator (anyone who earns money by using a drone), you can follow this link to the SACAA website.

I would also like to thank Dylan and Cornell for their expert help in this process.  They offer an amazing service.  If you would like to contact them, here are their contact details.

Dylan Kemlo -
Website -

Interesting fact - A professional drone operator, who does not have an ROC, and their client can be fined up to R50,000.00 or 10 years imprisonment and all equipment may be confiscated.  So be very careful before hiring a non certified Drone Operator and Business.